Become an Artisan

Want to be an artisan?  Apply here

Do you design or make your own products?  Are you interested in partnering with Kaleidoscope Custom Goods to help increase your sales?  Please review the information below and complete the Artisan Application form.  Someone will contact you with further information.


What products do we accept?

                The requirements apply to all products sold Online and In-Store throughout the partnership between the artisan and Kaleidoscope Custom Goods.  Product must be uniquely made by the hands and/or designed by the creative mind of the gifted artisan who is partnered with Kaleidoscope.  The unique nature and quality of the craftsmanship and/or design inherently means the artisan’s product cannot be easily replicated by the average consumer.  Mass-produced products, including the use of kits or preformed materials, will not be accepted.  The product cannot be made by a different artisan or compete with that of an existing Kaleidoscope artisan.  Kaleidoscope has the right to determine which product can be sold in-store and online.


Quality is a core value of Kaleidoscope and therefore is a requirement for the goods we sell.

Quality attributes include, but are not restricted to:

·         Solid, inconspicuous assembly

·         No misspelling or grammar mistakes

·         No smudges

·         Accurately secured hardware

The product must be marketable as deemed by Kaleidoscope and fit at least one of the following categories:


                The product is made with raw material (ex. wood, metal, lye, gems...) that is shaped, assembled, and finished by hand.   Machine usage is allowed for cutting and etching, but must be operated directly by the artisan and cannot be part of a mass-production process.


The product design is uniquely created by the artisan, but materials used may be mass-produced (ex. yarn, jewelry clasps, and antiques used for up-cycling).  Even though the materials may not be artisan-made, the design must be original and the execution needs to be the same quality as artisan-made product.