Basic Notelace book - Necklace pendant

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Hand-sewn pages, silver wire work spine adorable little functional notebooks crafted as pendants. Include a wrap closure strip to keep it and your little secrets secure. Individual pieces will vary, and no two silver details on the spine will be exactly alike. 
This piece measures approximately:
1.25" (31mm) wide with wrapped closure
1.75" (44mm) high with loop
9/16" (14-15mm) thick with wrapped closure
48 functional pages allow you to keep all your little secrets close to your heart.

Each notelace book is hand crafted in North East Ohio by Silverfox, each page signature sewn, each cover cut and glued by Silverfox. The silver wirework on the spine (select pieces) is hand worked with careful detail and secured to the spine for a detail that is unique to each book

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