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Bizzy Beads Boutique, LLC was created out of my love for jewelry. I've always had a love for accessories because I think they enhance the look of any outfit, and they always fit (ha!) I have had the entrepreneurial spirit since I was young when I started selling candy at my school, and it has always been my dream to own a business. 

It all started as a hobby because I could not find a particular piece of jewelry to match an outfit that I was wearing. I mentioned this to my Mommy, and she told me she bought some beads that she was not going to use. After I received them, and made my first bracelet I was hooked! I found my passion, and I wanted to hold on to this feeling forever. I was making so much jewelry that my husband suggested that I should start a business selling my pieces.

I started with just bracelets, but quickly evolved into adding necklaces and earrings. My new found love is polymer clay in which I can explore my artistic ability while playing with clay. There are endless possibilities when work with clay because I can make whatever I want. I can let my creative juices flow! 

I would love to customize a piece for you! Just contact me and we can come up with something together!

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and supporting my business!
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