Crochet Angels

Crochet Angels

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Crochet thread is designed in such a way that the angel shape takes its own form. The starch allows it to sit and be 3 dimensional. These are not made from doilies, each stitch is crocheted in a specific manner. Choose your single or multiple colors for the angel of your choice. Perfect gift for yourself or for anyone. They can be used at weddings, party favors, holiday ornaments, pull chains for fan/light, and pullbacks on your drapes. Don't forget that you can attach to your rearview mirror of your car, so that the angel rides and protects you. Show your team or school spirit and get yours created your colors theme. The red, white, and blue angel is a combination of three different solid colors to create one patriotic angel. Don't forget to customize your angel to be the color you choose. Ask for multiple discount. Size listed is approximate as they usually will run 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 2 1/2.
For custom angels, remember that the angels can have colors applied in different applications for a unique look. You can also ask that they be created with the wing tips and bottom of the skirt tipped with a separate color. 

The head will always be the lightest color if different than the body.

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