Swiffer Reusable Pads

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Everyone loves their Swiffer but no one likes to have to keep buying those pads. It's expensive and fills up the landfill. You can save money and reuse the crochet Swiffer pad to clean again and again, just throw it in the washer when it is needed. The yarn will pick up all the dust, dirt, and spills that your normal pad would clean, but this time when you take it off, you know you'll be able to wash and reuse it. Have something hard to get clean? Just wet this and it will attracts and traps dirt and dust from virtually any floor and surface in your home. Use it as a wet mopping cloth to dissolve dirt and grime to clean better than a mop. Wet cloths trap dirt, dissolve it, then lock it away. Keep in mind that cleaning your fan blades has never gotten easier. Don't forget you can choose what color you want it to be. Choose up to two colors to make it even more special as a custom gift to yourself. When 2 colors are chosen, the pattern cannot be guaranteed.

Buy 2 so you have one ready to wash while the other is ready to clean!

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